Metal Gear Solid: Rising Gameplay Video Analysis

A year has gone by with virtually no news of Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Now as E3 kicks off, the first gameplay video ever has surfaced. We’ve got it for you, and first impressions on everything it tells about the new game, and the whole Metal Gear series.

Right off the bat, the art style has completely changed.  The cleaner look will immediately catch your attention as it doesn’t feel quite like Metal Gear Solid 4, but as the action begins, you’ll soon be planted back on familiar ground.

We get to see some of the private military fighters, and urban settings from MGS4, but what takes the show is the new style of fighting. Raiden tears up the setting, cutting anything and anyone in his path, including a new type of enemy that shows remarkable outward similarities to the five “Beauties” of MGS4. The style and ability to cut any item in any direction is quite fluid and seems to incorporate a fairly comprehensive system to connect multiple slashes and abilities.

Hold steady, the days of wishing to play as the sword wielding Gray Fox, the cyborg ninja from MGS1, or as Raiden as he took out a street filled with Geckos are almost here.

Check out the gameplay video below: