THQ Develops a Used Game Plan to Keep “Everyone Happy”

The used game market has been a hot issue of debate in the past years. Gamers have felt the pull from different sources trying to make them “do the right thing”- should we only buy new games in order to directly contribute to the source  of the game’s creation, or only buy from other gamers, cutting out the greedy middle guy stores? Well now THQ has come out with a plan they think will hopefully end the struggle.

Danny Bilson, THQ’s executive VP of Core Games, talked with and stressed the importance of not “locking out the used guy” with any game:

We actually have some other programmes in the works that aren’t as punitive as locking out the used guy, that are more positive. I think we’re going to be able to announce that on a Fall product. If it works, it’s the kind of idea that GameStop likes, we like, new gamers like, used gamers like it…

THQ already implemented an effort to regain some revenue from the used game players with their ‘code system’ in UFC Undisputed 2010. With this new, unannounced plan, they wish to find a middle ground that wades better for all those involved. Moreover, he commented on a title to be released next year,”Homefront“, and quickly cleared the air that it would not utilize this system, but that other efforts were being considered. Of these efforts, one possible solution was a small multiplayer entry fee that gave players access to all maps, content and features for online play.

While it might not sound as palatable as, say, not paying, this seems like one of the only ways that companies can guarantee they will see more returns for their hard work, and ultimately funding for new titles and IPs.