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Ubisoft Promises “Games You Can Feel”

Joel McHale provided the opening announcements for Ubisoft’s presentation today.  In his remarks, he stated that Ubisoft had a new goal to bring about a change in the way we play games; games that we can feel.

Ubisoft will be focusing on titles that will bring the gamer into full immersion not just with the controller any more, but by utilizing the techs within Microsoft’s Kinect and PlayStation’s Move.  They believe that “the body is integral to the experience.”

During the conference, they brought out a familiar sport that we’re all familiar with: laser tag!  A spokesperson from Ubisoft explained that they wanted to bring the game out and away from the TV screen.  To achieve this, they would require the gamer to wear a chest device and carry an actual laser gun, all wireless too.  This would enable the player to roam freely around their living space and engage in their environment, all the while allowing the game to keep score for the players.  When out of ammo, the player would need to reload by touching an additional “clip” component to the gun.

Ubisoft went on to further explain their main goal: to make the games adapt to the player.  They are striving to have their games create and enhance the dynamic between the player, based on their behavior and actions as demonstrated by one of their opening demos, Child of Eden, which was debuted as a “multi-sensory shooter” utilizing music and visuals to create a landmark gaming experience.