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Kojima, Ted Price, Evan Wells Present at Sony Press Conference

PlayStation LifeStyle’s E3 staff is currently enjoying Sony’s catered brunch at the historic Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, waiting in anticipation for Sony’s big showing to start.

Even though the event doesn’t start until noon PST, we’re already seeing legendary industry talent lining up for the Sony’s E3 press conference.

As we wait patiently for what is essentially the biggest moment in PlayStation this year, we’ve seen notice some industry legends arriving, hopefully to reveal new games.

Ted Price, of Insomniac Games is here, so there is a possibility we’ll see Resistance 3, or a new Insomniac IP revealed for the first time.

Evan Wells of Naughty Dog is also present. Maybe we’ll see some type of Uncharted 3 teaser. Of course this is just speculation.

Hideo Kojima is also here, again, hopefully to reveal the third game currently being teased on the Kojima Productions E3 “special site”.

Of course both of these talents could be here just to watch Sony’s big event, but it never hurts to be optimistic.

Look out for more of our coverage of Sony’s Press Conference as we’ll be reporting everything as it’s revealed. Also be sure to watch our live stream of the conference.