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Mortal Kombat is One of E3 2010’s Best Games

A recent video trailer for Mortal Kombat had many believing it was for a new Mortal Kombat game. It was later revealed that the trailer was for a new movie instead, however, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment had announced Mortal Kombat for consoles – in perfect timing, too, with E3 just around the corner after its announcement. PSLS recently got some hands on time with the game at E3 and here’s why it’s one of the best games of the gaming convention.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s hands-on impressions of Mortal Kombat writes:

Gone is the weak, style-switching gameplay from the past few instalments and in it’s place returns the classic 2D plane fighting that you know and love. Just because it’s full of nostalgia doesn’t mean it’s lacking innovation. In fact, Mortal Kombat is full of new surprises that are going to take the series to new heights. There is an all new “super meter” that fills as you battle your foe. The meter has 3 different levels for you to build up. The first is for super moves – which are slightly more powerful versions of standard special moves such as Sub-Zero’s freeze and Reptile’s acid spit. The next level is the breaker, which can be used to save your ass when you’re being pummelled by an opponent’s combo. Using it breaks the combo, giving you a chance to retaliate. Lastly, there are all new devastating X-ray moves. X-ray moves are powerful attacks that will actually slow down the combat while you perform the attack and zoom in to an “x-ray” window, allowing you to view bones shattering from the intensity of the attack. Very cool stuff.

During our hands on time with the game, we found the gameplay to be a flawless victory; smooth as can be and easy to pick up and play. Despite being so simplistic, we performed deep combos, juggles and more. Best of all, we actually performed a Fatality with Scorpion. Fatalities are back and gorier than ever. Long time favorite fatalities have been altered to be even more brutal, all while still providing a nod to fans of the old school Mortal Kombat games.

Mortal Kombat is due for a release next year and was easily the best game we played at E3 2010.

Indeed it is the best game we played at E3 and you can bet this is easily one of our most anticipated games. Head on over to our preview for more information on the title.