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Time Crisis: Razing Storm E3 Impressions

Time Crisis is a long-standing arcade styled, point and aim shooter. Previous installments in the series have come packed in with a gun peripheral for consoles, but not this time. Instead it’s compatible with the PlayStation Move controller, which acts as replacement for the gun.

Thanks to the PlayStation Move’s 1:1 precision, you simply have to point, aim and shoot with the Move’s built in trigger button. Anywhere you aim on screen, your aiming reticule will follow. This is by no means deep, enthralling gameplay, but it is a blast to play. The PlayStation Move controller is shockingly accurate – I was performing head shot after headshot. On the show floor I was being a bit cocky about this and the PR rep handing the game suggested “Mr. Big Shot” (that’s me) try with my left hand. Granted it was a a bit more difficult, but as long as you had a steady hand, you could still get plenty of headshots.

Enemy AI is a bit dumb, and even though they have plenty of hiding spots in the stage’s layout, they almost always jump out into open areas allowing you to blow them away. They seem to take aim at only one player at a time (it’s a 2 player game), and keep shooting that player until he dies, then they’ll move on to the other player. Pressing the aim button will lower your blast shield and allow you to shoot. When your shield is lowered is when the enemies have a chance to inflict damage.

The graphics and audio were only average. Nothing mind-blowing. However, the fast paced action made for a fun arcade shooter experience that brought back memories of me pumping quarters into Time Crisis in the local arcade. If you’ve played the past titles in the series, then you’ll be right at home with Razing Storm.