EA Sports MMA E3 Impressions

There is no doubt that the MMA sport is growing popular amongst people around the world. The first to capitalize upon this success would be THQ with their UFC Undisputed series. Well EA Sports is the latest contender stepping into the cage with EA Sports MMA. While it will not feature the UFC roster, it does have plenty of other big names on the roster that will interest people, including the Strikeforce roster as it’s main draw.

For those that don’t know about Strikeforce, this roster will not disappoint. Many of the fighters in Strikeforce are just as good if not better than a lot of the UFC fighters. When you have people like Fedor, Couture, Shields, and Lawler in your roster there are bound to be some interesting matchups that can be made.

The game itself controls a bit differently than those used to the UFC series. The game focuses more on stick attacks, so those used to the Fight Night boxing series by EA Sports will fit right in here. Take downs and submissions are done through the face buttons. Once adapting to the controls they work really well given the way that they are set up. Graphically the game looks great. The movements of the fighters are smooth motions that don’t seem like they are taken in steps. This most likely ties into the analog stick being used for striking, rather than face buttons.

The only thing that was available on the show floor was the exhibition mode, so the other modes within the title weren’t able to be looked at. The game of course will have an online mode that will most likely be the most popular mode within a title like this. We look forward to see how the online will work given EA Sports success with online titles. There will also be a Career Mode available to those that want to take their fighter through an entire career.

While many are still waiting to see the final roster for the title, there is still a lot that EA Sports is working on. They have yet to reveal some of the other fighters that will make the game. They have stated that smaller less known fighters will be in the game as well as the Strikeforce fighters. So for those that feel like fighting with someone who has yet to get their big break will be able to.

While there are people that both love and hate the sport of MMA, this title is definitely worth a look when it hits store shelves this November, especially for fans of the sport.