Top Gun E3 Impressions

I got the need, the need…for a quality gaming experience on the PSN. Not as catchy, is it? Tom Cruise is back in an all new game for the PSN. Top Gun is a flight combat simulator being developed by Doublesix studios. You might remember Doublesix as the creators of Burn Zombie Burn! and Geometry Wars: Galaxies. Top Gun looks be another great game Doublesix’s library.

This game contains a surprising amount of content for a PSN game. There will be three game modes for single player, and five different modes for multiplayer. Before you jump into the game, you can complete a series of missions in the training mode. These missions will be all about getting you familiar with the controls, missions structure, and combat. Of course, there will be a campaign mode for you to tackle. The campaign mode will take place both during and after the original movie. One of he writers from the movie, Jack Epps Jr, has helped write a new storyline for the game’s later missions. Then, there is “horde” mode. As you would expect, “horde” mode throws you into the skies with an infinite spawn of enemy planes. Try to survive as long as you can, and at the end your score will be uploaded to the leaderboards.

There was about a dozen different missions for me to choose when I started the demo. Each one was represented by a small thumbnail and a short description of the mission. First of all, my jet needed to be selected. Each one varied in speed, armor, and maneuverability. I was also able to choose the type of missiles the jet would fire. These also varied in damage, tracking, etc. Then, it was time to start the mission. The mission had a few different objectives for me to complete. There was a whole fleet of battleships that needed to be taken out. They shot at me from the water as I bobbed and weaved in the air. The firefight was fast and furious. After dealing with them, a dozen enemy jets appeared and attempted to destroy some nearby oil rigs. I had to protect the rigs, but not by myself. There were some friendly A.I to help me with the fight. By this time, I had a better idea on how to control the jet and shooting enemies became a little easier.

I didn’t get to play any of the multiplayer, but that didn’t stop me from learning some of the details about it. The multiplayer for Top Gun pits the US Navy versus the Soviets. The multiplayer will support up to 16 players. The different modes will be deathmatch, team deathmatch, Top Gun (which is pairs based), assault, and capture the flag. I’m not sure how a jet plane is able to carry a flag, but I’m sure it’s impressive.

If your a fan of flight action games, or even if your just a really big Top Gun fan, keep an eye out for this game when it comes out later this summer.