PlayStation Plus Packs Over $88 Value in First Month Alone

If you have been wondering if PlayStation Plus is worth the $50 per year, you’ll be happy to know that the first month of the service is offering subscribers a value well above the asking price. Not to mention PlayStation Plus brings some interesting new features to the PS3.

PlayStation Plus may cost $49.99 for a year, but it will definitely be worth its price tag if Sony can keep offering up excellent content like this first month’s smorgasbord of goodies. This month’s offering alone racks up over $88 in value when you add up all of the free or discounted content.

Here’s what is available in PlayStation Plus now:

  • inFamous game trial (60-minute trial)
  • WipEout HD (Full Game) FREE [normally $19.99]
  • Rally Cross (PSOne Classic) FREE [normally $5.99]
  • Age of Zombies (minis) FREE [normally $4.99]
  • Warhark Fallen Star (Add-On) FREE [normally $1.99]

  • Collision Theme FREE
  • Fat Princess: Fat Roles DLC $3.99 [normally $4.99]
  • Fat Princess Pink and Blue Princess Avatars FREE
  • Gauntlet II $2.50 [normally $4.99]
  • Mortal Kombat II $2.50 [normally $4.99]
  • Rampage $2.50 [normally $4.99]
  • Rampart $2.50 [normally $4.99]
  • Cuboid $7.99 [normally $9.99]
  • Cuboid Booster Pack FREE [normally $2.99]
  • Cuboid Bundle Pack FREE [normally $4.99]
  • Cuboid Level Editor FREE [normally $3.99]
  • Hamsterball $7.99 [normally $9.99]
  • Interpol $7.99 [normally $9.99]
  • Magic Orbz $7.99 [normally $9.99]
  • Magic Orbz Witches Pack FREE [normally $2.99]
  • Magic Orbz Jungle Pack FREE [normally $2.99]
  • Magic Orbz Winter Pack FREE [normally $2.99]
  • Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom $7.99 [normally $9.99]
  • Mahjong Tales Ancient Wisdom Booster Pack FREE [normally $4.99]
  • Smash Cars $11.99 [normally $14.99]
  • Smash Cards Virus Run FREE [normally $2.99]
  • Wakeboarding HD $11.99 [normally $14.99]

Of course that’s not all, there’s also a new “Automatic Downloading” feature added to the XMB which allows you to update your firmware, or install game patches even if you aren’t in front of your PS3. Being a PlayStation Plus subscriber also gets you a nifty little golden D-pad “Plus” icon next to your PSN profile and on your friends list.