PSN Could Be Taking a Trip To Sega’s Saturn

July 1, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

One of the major benefits of Sega once being a console manufacture is their vast library of 1st-party games released the past 20 years. One of Sega’s most popular (and worst selling) consoles ever is none other than the Sega Saturn. Blessed with amazing 2D ports of many classic Sega and Capcom fighters, plus many new IPs from Sega themselves, the Saturn had it all for Sega fans. However, Sega botched many decisions with the Saturn and it quickly died out once the original PlayStation burst onto the scene. Finding some of the more popular Saturn titles could easily cost you an arm and a leg on eBay, but Sega recently announced that many of their Dreamcast titles will grace the PSN in the years to come.

Speaking in an interview with Impress Watch of Japan, one of the key developers behind the push for Dreamcast titles on the PSN, Yosuke Okunari, talked about how Sega wouldn’t mind re-releasing some of their Saturn classics on the PlayStation Network.

What we announced this time is a project where we will have consecutive releases of titles that were débuted on Dreamcast. Separate from this, we’re of course thinking about ports of Saturn games. It’s the same as how Sega Ages and Virtual Console were separate existences. It’s not that we have no intention of porting Saturn titles, so please share your requests.

Hey, sounds good to me! My first choice? How about Panzer Dragoon Saga, seeing as how an unopened copy can cost you upwards of $200 on eBay. Yikes. Maybe we could all see why this game is ranked so highly in so many Top 100 list despite only 30,000 copies being produced in the US.

What do you say, my fellow Saturn Fans? Which Saturn titles would you like to see ported to the PSN? Let us know in the comments below!