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Sony May be Working on 3D PlayStation Eye

July 1, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

During E3, Sony and Microsoft put most of their effort behind pushing their upcoming motion controllers, the PlayStation Move and Kinect respectively. Sony is going for a motion controller similar to the Nintendo Wii, although much more precise thanks to the glowing orb at the top of the PlayStation Move controller when paired with the PlayStation Eye camera. Microsoft on the other hand is fixed on making you the motion controller using only the Kinect camera.

If this latest rumor hold any weight, it would seem as though Sony isn’t about ready to let Kinect make their PlayStation Eye camera seem like old news.

According to 3XG, a “reliable source” at SCE London Studio is claiming to have “witnessed end-to-end user testing” of a 3D PlayStation Eye. No further details were given, but what makes this seem plausible is the fact that SCE London Studio is responsible for many EyeToy games (including the EyeToy game whose title is oft compared to 360’s Kinect, Kinetic), along with a few PlayStation Eye games including EyePet. So it makes sense that if anyone were to be in the know about a new 3D-capable PlayStation Eye, it would be them.

Of course, there is no validating 3XG’s anonymous source, so for now we’ll have to just chalk this up to a rumor. We’ll keep an extra ‘Eye‘ out for more information.