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Nippon Ichi Working on Bringing Anime to PSN

July 2, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

Recently the President of Nippon Ichi Software, Haru Akenaga, was interviewed at E3 about upcoming projects. During the interview, he discussed the possibility of bringing NIS’s Anime to the PlayStation Store.

When asked as to the reason why they got into Anime Haru Akenaga had this to say:

I think the anime market in the United States crashed and that’s why we started. Many big players are gone now, but their customers are still here. Maybe this is our chance to release anime for hardcore gamers. We realize the anime market is shrinking in the US, but someone needs to release that content.

The next question discussed the possibility of PS3 owners seeing it on the storefront.

We’re working on it.

While this neither officially confirms nor denies anything, it is sure nice to see that it is definitely a possibility that we could see some more Anime on PSN.