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PS3 Review – Snakebyte Premium Bluetooth Controller

There is no doubt that the PlayStation 3 market doesn’t have as many third party controllers available as the PlayStation 2 era. This most likely ties into the fact that the DualShock 3 has much more featured in it than the previous DualShock 2, including both Bluetooth and SIXAXIS motion controls. Snakebyte is one of the few companies to step up to the plate with it’s latest controller, the Snakebyte Premium Bluetooth Controller.

The controller is built very solid overall. It features all of the features that a traditional DualShock 3 would have, motion control support, rumble, bluetooth, and rechargeable battery via USB cable. Typically with most third party accessories you will lose some functionality, but Snakebyte made sure to give all the functionality that you would find in a typical Sony controller. The question is how is how well does the controller actually hold up both aesthetically and functionally against the Sony controller.

The Snakebyte controller both looks and feels good in your hands. It is much larger than the DualShock 3, and definitely fits your hands better if you are a someone with larger than average hands. The layout of the buttons is the same of as the DualShock 3 of course, but there are a few differences between the actual buttons themselves. The D-Pad is probably one of the most notable differences between the two. It works very well, and initially when looked at reminds you of a mix between both the DualShock 3 and a Xbox 360 controller. Since it is a mix of both it actually does hold up pretty well, particularly in fighting games.

The L2 and R2 buttons are another big difference as well. They fit in really well with shooting titles seeing how they are shaped. They feel a lot like the trigger buttons found on a Xbox 360 controller, though they are shaped a bit differently. One thing that the controller does have that the DualShock 3 doesn’t is a turbo feature. For those that have used it on other controller before the premise is the same, simply push the corresponding button you want it assigned to and push the Turbo button. This button will now be pushed rapidly by you just pushing the button and holding it. To clear it just push Clear and then the button you would like cleared.

The one thing that can be complained about would be the “stiffness” of the L1 and R1 buttons, which is a lot harder to push than Sony’s Dualshock. It feels as though you would not get a response when pressing these buttons, and that will worry you at times.

The battery in the controller is great and lasts a long time just like the DualShock 3, this is definitely something that is a huge plus for the controller. Though for when the controller does need to be charged there is a cable included to do so. Also the bluetooth signal holds up great, and was never an issue while playing games.

When purchasing the controller gamers will get a total of 3 things within the package. The first being the controller itself, then there is a 10 ft. long cable that allows for charging the controller itself, and then there are a couple of clip on triggers for your current DualShock 3’s that come with the PlayStation 3. These are very similar to the RealTriggers that are available in stores now.

Overall the Snakebyte Premium Bluetooth Controller is a great controller for those looking for an alternative to the Sony DualShock 3. The only drawback that could be found within the controller itself would be the “stiffness” of the L1 and R1 buttons. Everything else within the controller was top notch. It is nice to see a third party step up to the plate with a controller that features everything standard that the DualShock 3 does, this offers a different option to gamers.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Controller offers everything that the DualShock 3 does standard.

The larger controller fits in gamers with bigger hands perfectly.

Stiffness of L1 and R1 buttons is a bit of a drawback

8 out of 10