Sony Casts Final Judgement on Eye of Judgement Servers

One of the biggest titles released so far on the PlayStation 3 that supports the PlayStation Eye is Sony’s Eye of Judgment. Combining the elements of a TCG, trading card game, together with Sony’s PS Eye, the game enabled you to scan your cards with the Eye, then watch them come to live on your HDTV as they battled in epic cut-scenes. While the game might not have been the smash hit Sony had hoped for, it broke some ground and has many hardcore fans, plus a few expansion sets. Bad news, EOJ fans, get all the online matches you can soon, as Eye of Judgment’s servers are receiving the execution order later this summer.

A Sony Europe rep has stated on the Official PlayStation Europe forums that the Eye of Judgment servers will be closing down for good on September 30th of this year.

We at SCEE sincerely thank you for your continued support of THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™. The online battle service for this product will terminate on 30 September 2010. Offline play will remain available even after the conclusion of online service.

So for all of you dozens of fans (ha, I kid, I kid!) who still play the game online, I highly recommend you dust off your cards and call up your friends for a few last matches before the online ‘Eye’ is shut on one of Sony’s most unique titles on the PS3.

A couple other notes, you do not have to play the game online to earn the platinum trophy, however you do have to purchase deck’s 2 and 3 to earn it. Just some information I thought you might want to know.

Once again, The Eye of Judgment online servers close on September 30th, so get to it!