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Voting for The Tester: Season 2 Has Begun

At E3, Sony announced a followup season to their hit PSN show The Tester. This time, it will be up to the fans for the voting. Voting is now open!

Despite criticism, Sony’s breakout reality show The Tester ended up being a big success. It was so successful that a second season was announced. This time with a bigger budget, Sony has vastly improved the casting process. To enter, all you have to do is sign up online and create a profile. The casting process will be similar to last year, however the secret process takes place, but with one crucial difference. One spot on the show has been set aside for the fan favorite.

That’s right. One lucky entrant who gets the most number of votes in a series of elimination rounds will be awarded with their own spot on the show. Even to vote however, you still must sign up and create at the very least a Voter profile. You can vote from your profile once every 24 hours. Make sure that your favorite contestant gets on the show!