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Insomniac Told Sony About Multi-Platform ‘Intent’ in 2008

July 7, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

When Insomniac Games, the development studio responsible for the PlayStation 3 staples Resistance and Ratchet & Clank, revealed recently a partnership with EA that would have them releasing multi-platform games, staunch PS3 fans everywhere were saddened. Many, however, looked on the bright side, realizing that this meant more games overall from such a talented team.

It’s now been revealed that Insomniac wanted to put the console exclusivity to sleep long ago, as far back as 2008.

Founded back in 1994, Insomniac Games has released one successful game after another. Their name is synonymous with quality and with each release their reputation, and their studio has grown considerably. This led to Insomniac wanting to extend their reach to other platforms.

In a recent interview with the president of SCE Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that Insomniac’s intention went as far back as 2008:

“[Insomniac was] very open about their need to grow and their intention”.

”They want to reach the people they haven’t been able to,”

“so it was sad to hear a couple of years ago what their intent was, but as we are growing, Insomniac is growing too.”

Yoshida explained that Sony understood the company’s need to grow and that the move to multi-platform would ultimately benefit PlayStation 3 owners by receiving more games from the studio:

”And the studio has its own ambition, so I totally understand, and I am very happy how they approached the announcement. They made sure that people know they are still working with us.”

”When you think about it, Insomniac is making multiplatform games. So PS3 owners should be happy because they are getting more Insomniac games as the studio hires more staff to develop more games”,

More PS3 games from Insomniac? That certainly couldn’t be a bad thing. What are your feelings about Insomniac’s signing with EA for multi-platform titles? Let us know in the comments below.