DJ Hero Scratching Over a Million Units Sold

Upon its release onto the market with its high rolling $120 price point, DJ Hero was labeled by many as a commercial flop and overall failure despite fairly solid reviews from critics around the web. However almost a year after its release, Activision’s Dan Amrich wants everyone to know that you shouldn’t judge a book by just the first few pages but instead by its entirety.

“DJ Hero was dubbed a flop on its release too, but what it needed was time for its audience to find it, a price break, and positive word from both friends and reviews to circulate. October and November were soft, but after the holiday, DJ Hero had hit about 800,000 units; today it’s 1.2 million units and counting, all of which come with a turntable controller. That’s not a flop; that’s the long tail at work.”

So there you have it, DJ Hero is not a flop at all but a game with some great legs and the start of what I am sure Activision hopes to be a long standing franchise.