Sony Still loves its Hardcore Fans

July 9, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Ever since the PlayStation Move was first revealed at E3 2009, one thing has struck fear into the heart of PlayStation 3 owners… Casual games, or more specifically, awful shovelware which casual gamers seem to eat up. Sony is once again reiterating, that the PlayStation Move is for the hardcore gamers, as well as the casuals.

In a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, Kaz Harai talk about how while the Move appeals to causal gamers, they wont neglect the hardcore gamers, and how hard is it to straddle the line between the two:

We’ve always believed that whatever it is we’re doing, it’s something that appeals to our core gaming audience first and foremost.

Then, depending where we are in the lifecycle of the product, how much we need to appeal to the casual and family gaming market varies. When we first launched the PS3 three four ago, the games that were launched along with it were tailored more towards the hard-core gaming audience.

Four years into it, we’re still not mid-cycle, but given the base growth we’ve seen – there are upwards of 36 million PS3 consoles sold worldwide right now – we are starting to tap into the casual and light gaming users.

But we want to make sure that we have software that appeals to those gamers without neglecting the hardcore gaming audience who have always been the real diehard supporters of PS3. That’s the balance we suck in our [E3] keynote press briefing, I think.

Even with the Move releasing this fall with games like EyePet and Move Party, there are still plenty of hardcore games that will support it like The Fight: Lights Out and SOCOM 4, not to mention future releases like Killzone 3.