UFC 2010 Deal Will Knock You Out

THQ’s smash-hit fighter UFC Undisputed 2010 has only been out for a few short months, but it appears massive deals are popping up which will give those with little pocket money a chance to hop into the octagon and throw down!

Toys R Us is currently offering the PlayStation 3 version (the superior version) of UFC 2010 for just $39.99, that’s a whopping $20 price reduction! If you’re a fan of the UFC, or just the fighting genre in general, then you owe it to yourself to check this one out, as you probably won’t see this title offered at this price for quite some time, or at least until UFC 2011 comes out next year. This sale is only available in-store and ends July 17th, so be sure to hop to it!

If you’re still not convinced and perhaps need a bit of reassurance, why not check out our UFC 2010 review? Be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle as we continue to help you pinch those pennies!