Hulu Plus Exclusive to PS3 in 2010, ‘Preview’ Available to PlayStation Plus Today

When Hulu Plus was first revealed to the masses to be hitting the PlayStation Network, details were sketchy at best and as such, rumors and contradicting news ran rampant throughout the media. With the rumor of PlayStation Plus being required to use Hulu Plus to its denial, thankfully, official information has been released today that is sure to put a smile on select faces.

Straight from the chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment himself, Jack Tretton goes on record to confirm the timed-exclusivity of Hulu Plus to the PlayStation Network.

“We are delighted to offer the Hulu Plus preview starting today on PlayStation 3 and that PlayStation 3 will be the only console to offer Hulu Plus in 2010. The combination of Hulu’s premium video library and PlayStation®Network’s expanding game and video catalogue further cements PlayStation 3 as the industry’s best entertainment device for all of your content experiences from games, TV shows and movies to live sports, original content and 3D.”

Beginning today, a select group of PlayStation Plus users will gain access to a preview of Hulu Plus for $9.99 by downloading the free application for the service and requesting an invitation to the service. Not only is Hulu Plus hitting the PlayStation 3 console but also other Sony branded devices such as internet connected Bravia television sets and standalone Blu-ray players.

If you are a current PlayStation Plus subscriber, be sure to download the free Hulu Plus application and request an invite for yourself. If you get in, tell us how you like it in the comments below. Also, stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for our impressions on the service along with anything else on the PlayStation Network.