Archibald’s Adventure Hitting PSN This July

With the monumental success of the PSP and PS3 bite-sized Mini’s titles, it comes as no surprise that more and more independent game developers are setting their sights to developing for the PlayStation Network. Most recent to boarding the Mini’s movement is the independent development house, Rake In Grass, with a PSN iteration of Archibald’s Adventure.

Releasing today on the European PlayStation Store and next Tuesday, July 20, 2010 to the North American Store, Archibald’s Adventure gives players hours of action and puzzling entertainment. Below are the key highlights of the Mini’s title:

  • Play through 191 levels in this mind-blowing action-puzzle platform adventure
  • Experience innovative gameplay with unique hero features: Teleporation of objects, scaling walls and ceilings, flying with a jetpack and more!
  • Use your wit and quick reflex to avoid the dreadful dangers in Klumpfus’ mansion
  • Use the professor’s artificial intelligence brain matter to solve riddles
  • Encounter lots of strange and funny lifeforms running loose across all levels!

Still not convinced? For a more intimate look at the game, check out the screenshots and gameplay video below: