Ubisoft: 3D Sales to Take Off in 2011

July 15, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

On the PlayStation side of things, Sony clearly had two specific goals at this year’s E3. To showboat the PlayStation Move and the fact that the PS3 will provide owners with 3D Blu-Ray, gaming, and photo support, later this year. Sony wanted to remind that the PS3 can really do everything and let those early adopters know that their $600 was indeed ‘future proof’. Various gaming companies have gone on record stating that 3D will have a major impact on gaming and have jumped on board preparing triple-A titles to support it. Ubisoft has lead the way so far and predicts that 2011 could very well be a 3Delicous year.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot talked highly about 3D during the conference call for his companies’ first quarter conference call (Sales are up 93%! woot). He predicts that sales will take off next year and that many homes could have one by Christmas.

I think we will see lots of bundles with 3D monitors… and they will be small sales in stores – in game stores. But it will be very strong next year, at the end of next year, which means… November, December next year will normally be the time when we will start to see very good sales on those products

He even added that most ‘high end’ Ubisoft titles will support 3D in the coming years. Yves also mentioned how he thinks 3D will make the newest Ghost Recon title, Future Soldier, standout from the crowded shooter crowd thanks to its 3D goodness.

Ghost Recon is already 3D to make it a bit special. When I was at E3, I felt like some of the things we were doing in Ghost Recon were very different from the look and feel that you can get from Medal of Honor or other games. Ghost Recon… in the U.S. it’s the number four brand, so it’s very, very strong. People enjoyed the multiplayer a lot, and we believe that we will have good multiplayer, so then we will see.

Believe me, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle had a ton of um, well, ‘eyes-on’ with the PS3 and its 3D epicness at E3 2010 and came away quite impressed. We had time with MLB 10: The Show, Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, The Fight: Lights Out, WipEout HD, and we’re sold (for the most part) that 3D is going to kick some major gaming ass.

What about you, fellow PlayStation LifeStyle fans? Are you ready for 3D or are you going to wait until 3D HDTVs don’t require glasses? Let us know!