Blacklight: Tango Down 2 Already In The Works

It’s not often that a download-only game has its sequel confirmed before the first game is even fully released. But that appears to be the case for sci-fi FPS Black Light: Tango Down.

Despite the game only being available on Windows and the Xbox Live Marketplace for only a day/one week respectively, the game has already seen enough sales that a sequel is being worked on. CEO of developer Zombie Studios Mark Long spoke with BigDownload, and revealed that there are no plans for DLC releases for Blacklight: Tango Down aside from bug fixes. Instead, the team over at Zombie Studios is going headfirst into developing a sequel, tentatively titled Blacklight: Tango Down 2. It will include larger maps and mech-like vehicles, among other improvements over the current offering. Blacklight: Tango Down is due out on the PSN in approximately another month, and its sequel has a penciled-in release timeframe of summer 2011.