New Lara Croft Title Side-Questing to PS3 After Xbox360

July 18, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Get your archeology gear packed and your hair braided, PS3 owners will be seeing a return of one of the most legendary heroines ever to grace a gaming console.  But don’t pack too quickly – it looks like she might be held up a bit due to some exclusive terms with Microsoft.

Developers at Crystal Dynamics, informed Eurogamer that Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light will be making a timed exclusive appearance on the Xbox360.  When asked about the release date of the Lara Croft platformer, Crystal Dynamics had a schedule in mind that they wanted to meet.

“We have requested a specific date and hopefully we’ll get that and it’s not too long after the 360 SKU.  The agreement with Microsoft is, in order to participate in their hugely successful Summer of Arcade promotion, there is a window of exclusivity. That window of exclusivity is a set four weeks.”

Overall, this shouldn’t be considered as bad news, since there will be time for PS3 owners to properly preview the Xbox release to see if Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light will be something that they would be interested in.

Check out the Tomb Raider Trailer in the meantime until we find more news or bring you a solid release date for 2011.