Sony Files Patent to Bring Split-Screen Gaming to the Next Level

July 20, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

With 3D gaming moving to front-and-center of Sony’s battle plan, they’ve apparently filed for a patent long ago to change the face of co-op gaming as we know it.

Not only will 3D gaming provide an unprecedented level of immersion, but it looks like Sony is going to radically change the way that people play together. Patents were discovered that were filed over a year ago and we just made public this past Thursday. The method describes the rendering of two separate images on the exact same screen, as opposed to the same image twice for the stereoscopic 3D effect. One pair of the 3D glasses will see one image, while the second player’s glasses will be presented an entirely different image. The patent also looks like the glasses have their own set of earbuds, providing an individualized audio feed as well.

Can you imagine what this would mean? First and foremost, no more screen looking cheaters. But also no distractions of your partner’s screen or the debilitating effects of halving the screen size. The only drawback is that 3D is still a burgeoning technology that isn’t the standard just yet. But be ready for it when it happens. What kind of things would you do with such an incredible multiplayer experience? The patents two are available to view online here and here in pdf format. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for whenever any new 3D technology is announced.