World Turns White as Atlus Extends Online Support for Demon’s Souls

July 21, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Demon’s Souls was originally a PS3 exclusive RPG that was set to only release in Japan. However, after months of unpredicted success, the award-winning Demon’s Souls finally found it’s way to North America and now Europe. The developers are so excited about the title’s success that they’ve announced some great new news as well as a new in-game event.

Atlus has announced today that the North American version of Demon’s Souls will have online support until at least March 2011. The title was originally supposed to only have a little over a year of online functionality, but the surprisingly outstanding sales and critical-acclaim has caused Atlus to extend the support.

To celebrate the extension of online service, Demon’s Souls will have a Pure White World Tendency event for the next couple weeks. Pure White Tendency makes enemies easier and they also drop more healing items. On top of that, Pure White Phantoms are also only available during White Tendency, so some of the best equipment in the game is now readily available to everyone.