Ubisoft Has Plans For Assassins Creed: Brotherhood DLC

Ubisoft has revealed during the exalted ComicCon event that downloadable content  is in the works for their upcoming third installment in the renowned Assassins Creed franchise.

When catechized during their San Diego panel, if there were any plans for a Assassins Creed: Brotherhood DLC, an unknown member of the panel commented:

“Yes, there are plans in the works.”

Whether this ‘planned’ DLC will be Single-player based (like that of Assassins Creed II) or Multiplayer based is still misty.

Additionally, it was also announced that Desmond – from Assassins Creed – will receive more screen time and a new look. When asked if there will be more Desmond gameplay, they replied:

“Yes it’ll take a very unexpected turn. Things will change quite a bit in the present day. He’ll also be changing his look.”

If you haven’t yet seen the newest Multiplayer trailer for Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, then be sure to check it out as it includes some fascinating footage. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood will hit US stores on November 16, and European stores on November 19.