Next PlayStation Firmware Update Tells You What to Buy

July 26, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

The official PlayStation Blog just announced that a new firmware update will be coming to the PS3 and PSP by the end of July. What will it do? Read your mind. Sort of.

Firmware update 3.41 will be coming soon to a PS3 near you and it will be adding game and video recommendations on the PlayStation Store. When browsing through a particular title, a new option will be available to check out on the right, “You May Like.” This section will be filled with content that other PlayStation Network users bought after buying the same game or video that you are currently looking at. This feature will help users discover new content that they never knew of before, as more and more people are creating PSN accounts every day and there are a ton of great games that came out a long time ago.

The PSP will be getting updated as well, to version 6.31, which will also support the recommendation feature. System software stability of current PSP titles will also be improved with this update.

This update is currently scheduled for “the end of July,” which is by the end of this week, but NOT scheduled for tomorrow’s PlayStation Store Weekly Update.