Sony Sets Record Straight Regarding PlayStation Plus

July 26, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

Ever since Sony’s new premium PlayStation Network service, PlayStation Plus, launched last month, there has been question after question regarding exactly what content users get to keep and what they lose if they were to discontinue using the service and terminate their premium membership. Well, it looks like we finally have a straight answer regarding the situation.

The news comes via the Official US PlayStation Blog, where a user poses the question point-blank in the comments section. Upon reading this, PlayStation Social Media Manager, Jeff Rubenstein, finally answers this nagging question and, for the most part, puts the topic to rest. Regarding content ownership and the disabling of content upon termination of your PlayStation Plus membership, here is what Jeff had to say:

“Free add-ons expire if your subscription ends.

“Add-ons you pay for (even if you pay at a discount) are yours to keep for good. The same thing is true for games- free ones expire if you don’t renew your subscription. Anything you pay for – even at a discount – is yours forever.”

“Themes and avatars that are free, stay free for good.”

“There may be instances where a downloadable game is free and the add-on is priced at a discount. In this case, if your subscription ends, you would still have access to the DLC, but would need to re-purchase the game in order to use the add-on.”

As you probably figured, if you spend as little as a penny on something, it’s yours; because obviously Sony cannot disable content that a paying customer has purchased and now owns. It’s great to finally get a solid answer regarding this often misunderstood subject and will, perhaps, convince a few more gamers to give PlayStation Plus another look.

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