PS3 Owners About to get Lost in Fatal Labyrinth

July 27, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Sega’s “roguelike” Fatal Labyrinth, which originally was released in 1990, has already been re-released on the Wii, PC and it was even in the Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. Well the ESRB is giving us a glimpse on where we should expect to see it next.

Early today the ESRB has updated the listing for Fatal Labyrinth to now include PS3, 360 and Mac.

Check the listing below

Fatal Labyrinth

Platform: Macintosh, Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360

Rating: Everyone

Content descriptors: Mild Fantasy Violence

Rating summary:

This is a fantasy role-playing game in which players control a small character that attempts to retrieve a holy goblet from a dragon. Players move through towns and dungeons and use a variety of weapons (e.g., swords, axes, and bows) to defeat small enemies (e.g., snails, bats, ninjas) that blink and disappear when defeated.

With Fatal Labyrinth already in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection its seems odd that you would want to by this separate especially when you can pick up the collection for $20. Either way looks like we will be hearing something shortly.