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Sony Introduces PlayStation ‘Logo Licensing Program’

July 27, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Ever wondered why you don’t see many non-video game related products bearing the PlayStation logo, such as T-shirts, hats, etc? That’s because Sony has always kept their precious brand logo to themselves, and as you know, they make the best video game hardware and software around, not apparel and accessories. However, if you ever wanted to pick up a PS3 hoodie, or check the time on a Triangle, Circle, X, Square donned watch, you will soon be in luck.

Sony Computer Entertainment has just launched the PlayStation Logo Licensing Program, which allows various third-party licensees to use the PlayStation logo (under strict guidelines) on “a variety of lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, house wares and more”.

This program covers not only the PlayStation logo, but PS3, PSP, PSP go, PS2, and the “iconic” △○×□ marks on pretty much an product allowed in the guidelines.

If you’re interested in partaking in this program, or just would like to read up more on the program, feel free to visit: