Minis Review – Cubixx

July 30, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

If you’ve ever played the classic game JezzBall then you’ve probably been pulled in by its addictive gameplay. Well Cubixx takes that addictive gameplay and transforms it into the third dimension.

If your unfamiliar with JezzBall’s gameplay it consists of a rectangle with a ball bouncing around inside of it. You then have to shoot a line across the board decreasing the size of the space until you reach the designated percentage complete. Well Cubixx take this relatively simple gameplay and expands on it.

Instead of just one rectangle you have a cube. On all six sides there are boxes bouncing around. Like JezzBall you must shoot a line across each surface until you reach the designated percentage complete. What makes Cubixx different is you can control the way the line is drawn, so you do not need to just shoot straight lines. This makes it somewhat easier, but also can cause you to take more chances.

Now if all of this sounds just a little to simple it is far from it. The bouncing squares will destroy you if they touch your line. Now you may be thinking you will simply draw small squares until you fill in all the sides which you can do, but you receive more points if you take bigger chunks at one time. This is what really make for an addictive game, since you are constantly balancing the risk of trying to take the largest piece of the cube with one line while avoiding being destroyed.

To make things more difficult they also add in other ways to destroy you. About 2-3 seconds after you start to draw a line they shoot a droid along your line so you must move quickly. There are also blue droids moving along the outside of the cube as well as your finished lines.

Cubixx is not without its faults there are a twenty levels included with the game, but there is no change to the appearance of each level. Sure the difficulty increases, the number of droids will increase and the percentage of the cube you need to fill in goes up, but unfortunately there is no change at all to the presentation. The background stays the same, the cube stays the same and the enemies stay the same. This is a shame since a little bit of variety would of made this game even better.

Overall Cubixx is a fun game. If your a fan of JezzBall then this game was made for you. With 20 levels of increasing difficulty it does have a good bit of replay, but it is a shame that all the levels are identical. At $3.99 the price is a little high, but it still is a fun puzzle game.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Classic Addictive Gameplay

Enough of a challenge to keep you coming back

No variation between levels

6 out of 10