ModNation Racers Receives a Major Tune Up with Newest Patch

July 31, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Since being released this past May, ModNation Racers has been plague by two glaring issues — ridiculous load times and crushing AI on any level of the game you play on. Who doesn’t love when they’re 50ft from the finish-line, in 1st place, only to get blasted by your rival and fall all the way to 7th?! Have no fear though, United Front Games has been working day and night on to improve MNR and you’ll only have to wait a few more days until the improvements arrive. Ladies and gentlemen..get ready to start…your..engines!

Fans of ModNation Racer get ready to fall back in love with MNR because the following updates below are sure to get you back in the driver’s seat for United Front Game’s racer.

  • Load times have been improved tremendously. Sony even claims that some have been cut by 50%. Impressive!! Kinda sucks that I can’t make a sandwich in-between races anymore though..
  • The Casual Difficulty mode will arrive. We reported about this a couple weeks back. No longer will the AI be SO badass that you have to retry a race 4 times just to win. Perhaps this could attract some casual gamers, as well.
  • Previously, you could NOT invite friends to XP races. Once the patch hits next week, this will be no longer. Now you and your amigos can level your way(s) to the top of the MNR mountain.
  • For those of you cheaters who found glitches to cut through laps to create some
    ludicrous lap times, your days are numbered. The patch will fix this problem. Booyah!
  • Your ‘Player card’ will now appear on ALL of your creations and not just some of them.
  • Online mode has been majorly improved. Have you had problems with staying online and taking forever to get into an online race? Ok, first the bad: the team has removed the online chat room before races. The good: This will improve the online structure ten-fold.
  • Remember how much of a punk it was completing the challenges of Devastator takedown on Wild Run, the Devastator takedown on Modobahn and the “sideswipe three opponents on the cliff side” task on Fracture?? Good news! These challenges are being re-imagined so you can get that trophy for completing all challegenes in the game. Yessss.
  • Free stuff!! The Tin bucket item will be available to everyone. Who doesn’t love free?

The patch goes live sometime next week! Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle and we will let all you Moddies know when she’s live!!