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Sony Europe To Focus on Hardcore, Community

August 1, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

We here at PlayStation LifeStyle are proud to consider ourselves ‘hardcore’ gamers. We eat, sleep, breathe and of course, play video games. And although we’ve never felt neglected by Sony, they’re pledging to refocus their efforts toward us hardcore types moving forward as opposed to the casual market.

One might beg to differ considering the PlayStation Move’s proposed Fall line-up, however, Sony is indeed aiming their sights at reinvigorating the hardcore crowd. According to SCEE Community Manager, Muster Buster, Sony wants to “bring back the focus on hardcore gamers”:

“The past year we have focused on capturing the casual market with the likes of Buzz, EyePet and Invizimals on both the PS3 and PSP”

“We now want to bring back the focus on hardcore gamers, we realise the hardcore gamers are the ones that are actively involved in the community and are constantly giving feedback not to mention being the most dedicated”

MusterBuster also sheds some light as to how they plan on bringing “the community back together” with experiences like the recently announced Beta Rooms:

“what I would ideally want is 200 people playing Killzone in a tournament but all done in one room over the weekend.”

It’s hard not to notice that the initial launch line-up for the PlayStation Move is teeming with causal content, however, Sony has time and time again affirmed that they’d never forget the gamers who helped make them the renowned success that the PlayStation brand is today.