Ferrari is Set to Speed onto the PSN

August 2, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

System 3 has put out several racing titles over the years on the PlayStation 3. The games all feature the actual luxury supercars, officially licensed by Ferrari. Recently System 3 announced yet another blistering speed racer featuring none other than, the gorgeous, the stunning, Ferrari.

Ferrari: The Race Experience will be the official title for the upcoming release. The game is slated for both the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. While the Wii version will get a physical copy, System 3 has chosen to take the digital route with the PS3. When asked as to why they are going digital for the PlayStation 3, System 3 had this to say:

“The vast amounts of money required in securing a decent in-store presence through co-operative marketing [makes it] easy to see why some games are doomed before they start. By going down a download only route, System 3 is quietly confident that it can service consumer demand directly and efficiently.”

The PlayStation Network artwork for the upcoming title can be seen below as well.

Given the fact they are taking a digital approach with this release, will that you more likely to pick up the title off of the PlayStation Store?