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Itagaki: The Pursuit of Technical Prowess is Over

August 4, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

Tomonobu Itagaki has pretty much always been someone that has believed graphics on consoles are of the utmost important, hence the reason he decided to back the first Xbox during the previous generation with his Ninja Gaiden. Recently he was announced to be the head of the newly formed Valhalla Game Studios, and it seems as if he is trying to get rid of his preceding reputation of him only looking at the most “powerful” console on the market.

At a recent Famitsu anniversary event that was held recently Itagaki participated in a live recording of “Valhalla Freaks”. It was here that he stated this:

“The era of pursuing technical strength has ended.”

“From here on out, we should pursue what makes games interesting and fun.”

Also according to Adriasang he even went so far as to state that Japanese creators should take a point from overseas creators and share some of the technology that is developed.

Given the reputation that Itagaki has gained over the years do you think that this new outlook will be permanent?