Move Accessory Mania Begins with ‘Ultimate’ Boxing Gloves

August 4, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

It was only a mere matter of time before it happened. Can you hear that sound? The sound of 3rd-party companies developing all the crazy Move accessories that they can think of!?! How many different charge stations do we really need? Regardless, The PlayStation Move is going to be (hopefully) a huge money-grab for those involved and everyone is ready to cash-in on Sony’s newest ‘platform’. Up first? CTA Digital’s Ultimate Boxing Gloves for the PS Move! Yeah… you’re going to want to check these babies out, all you MMA, boxing, and fighting fans!

For those you who feel the need to mutilate your opponents in The Fight: Lights Out – Sev’s favorite PS Move title of E3 – once it hits later this year, The Ultimate Boxing Gloves are a godsend. No longer will you have to worry about launching one of your Move controls through the air at high speeds, as the Gloves come with some nifty Velcro which attaches to the inside of the gloves and secures your controllers better than your sweaty hands ever could. PLUS the gloves have plenty of padding, just in case you did smash your TV screen. If you’re interested, you can check out the rest of CTA Digital’s lineup of PS Move accessories here.

Oh lord. Why do I have a feeling there is going to be a TON of Youtube videos featuring PS Move related accidents? Maybe because history repeats itself again and again.

The PlayStation Move and for that matter, the onslaught of accessories to follow, arrive on September 19th. Are you ready?