Homefront Features “Violence with Consequence”

August 5, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

There are no doubts that this generation has seen an unprecedented quantity of shooters on the market. There have been so man, in-fact, that the developers behind the upcoming Homefront have already made several statements to prevent the upcoming title from being labeled as ‘just another shooter’.

When speaking to Danny Bilson of THQ, Bilson had many things to say about the upcoming Homefront title. He had some good things to say about the Call of Duty series, as well as Medal of Honor. But in the end Bilson chose to highlight some of the main reasons that Homefront differs from both of these already established series. He stated that the recent Call of Duty title, while it was a good game, failed to invoke both “violence with consequence” and “emotion”. That’s one thing that THQ hopes to deliver to gamers. Bilson had the following to say about the title:

“Everything we’ve done [in Homefront] comes after looking at history, looking at occupied lands and guerilla warfare throughout time,” he added. “If you take all those tenants and we ship it, it’s got nothing to do with Medal Of Honor, Call Of Duty or Halo. It’s got nothing to do with that.

Our big X on this thing was emotion. Not just fear and adrenalin – emotion. In last year’s Call Of Duty where they kind of got to America during a Russian invasion, not there were no civilians anywhere. It was like being on a lot in a movie studio. Everything was pristine.

It was really fun – loved the game, those guys are brilliant. But our mission is to go where the other guys aren’t. We’re using the skills of our team to their best advantage.”

Homefront is looking like it’s shaping up to be a fantastic title given the time and resources that THQ and Kaos are investing into the game. They are looking to establish something that shooters have yet to fully tap into, and that may in itself make the game worth a look. Hopefully the game lives up to it’s promises.