The Darkness Could Return From the Shadows

August 5, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

Back in 2007, Starbreeze Studios and 2K Games released a game titled The Darkness, which received mixed reactions. Some fans of the game have been asking for a sequel and patiently waiting since release week. Three years have passed and it looks like the fan reaction might finally be driving a development team to go back and deliver a sequel.

Rumors about a sequel for The Darkness have been circulating for several years. Many believed that Starbreeze Studios would reprise a role in developing the title, but that was denied back in 2008. Though Digital Extremes, whom has already worked with 2K in the past, is supposedly the developers taking the reigns for the sequel.

According to information from an artist with Digital Extremes named Emmanuel Pappas, the team has apparently already begun work on the upcoming sequel.

So how many users out there are looking forward to this sequel? Were you a fan of The Darkness?