Earthworm Jim HD – Trophy Guide

Earthworm Jim HD is a remake of the goofy platformer from the Sega Master Drive. Besides the updated graphics we also get 12 trophies to collect. Use this guide to get the 7 bronze, 4 silvers and 1 gold trophies.

Bin collector (Bronze) – Kill Billy the Bin in New Junk City.

– You will find Billy the Bin on Chapter 1. Right after you pass the moose head you will encounter Bill the Bin. When he starts to dance shoot him. Once he Flips on his side and starts to shoot anvils at you try and get close and whip him. Do this a few times and you should beat him pretty easily.

Atom Raider (Bronze) – Collect 100 atoms (without exiting the game).

– As long as you collect most of the atom you see you will get this a little into the second level. Just do not exit out of the game. If you must take a break pause it and come back.

Atom Jefferson (Bronze) – Collect 500 atoms (without exiting the game).

– Take your time and collect all atom that you see. This will be a little harder then “Atom Raider”, but if you collect most of the atom throughout each level you should get this before the end of the game.

Canadian stunt (Bronze) – Use the whip to swing from any moose head in Single Player mode.

– About halfway through the first level you will see a moose head. Position yourself at the end of the ledge and jump towards the moose head hit circle to whip at the antlers. Once you connect and swing you will get the trophy.

Banker Whipper (Bronze) – Whip a banker twice in What The Heck?

– The Bankers are found on level two (Fire level). You just need to whip them two times to get this trophy. Just repeatedly whip them until the trophy unlocks.

Space Collector (Bronze) – Collect more than 100 Blue Orbs (without exiting the game).

– You get these during the Andy Asteroids levels. There are seven of these so you just need to collect some during each one.

Super Space Collector (Silver)  – Collect more than 300 Blue Orbs (without exiting the game)

– This is a little harder then the “Space Collector” trophy, but with seven levels you only need to average just over 40 orbs a level so if you finish a level with less just restart the level.

Snot a Trophy (Bronze) – Launch the cow in New Junk City.

– This is in the first level. As soon as you come to the crane with the fridge you will see a cow standing on a stick. Knock the fridge down this will catapult the cow and you will get the trophy.

Groovy Leader (Silver) – Be ‘No. 1 in each PlayStation Network multiplayer level.

– There are 15 multiplayer levels. You will need to kill every enemy, collect as many atoms and ammo as you can. This can be rough. but with time you can get it. You also can invite friends to your game so if you have a good set of friends you can always boost your way through the levels.

World Partnership (Silver) – Complete all the Playstation Network multiplayer game levels.

– There are 15 multiplayer levels. If your going for the “Groovy Leader” trophy you will get this trophy on the way. You do not need to win every level just finish each one.

Superhero! (Silver) – Get through Single Player mode in Original difficulty in one sitting in under 50 minutes.

– You need to do exactly what the trophy says, beat the game in under 50 minutes. This one is pretty rough and you will need to rush through. Try and keep dying to a minimum and do not worry about going after the atoms. Probably will need to get this on a second or third playthrough as the first playthrough you will be learning the levels.

Earthworm Never Dies (Gold) – Clear Single Player mode in Original difficulty in one sitting without losing a life.

– This one is by far the hardest trophy. The levels start out pretty easy but get difficult pretty quick and later on almost impossible to beat without dying. You will need to take your time through each level making sure your jumps are on target. Some of the harder areas are right after the third level you will face a bungee jumping boss, what makes this hard is there is a monster at the bottom of the pit and if he hits you its a one hit kill. Also the last level of the game is so hard and cheap at times. Plus there are quite a few monsters that can also one hit kill you.