Gran Turismo 5 Still Isn’t Complete

August 9, 2010Written by Zak Islam

It was approximately two years ago that Sony and Polyphony Digital gave their fans a taster of Gran Turismo 5 in the form of GT5: Prologue. Finally, the game will be racing to stores this coming November. Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi has, on several occasions, delivered some public comfort that the PlayStation 3 exclusive racer is on track to be completed, with the Gran Turismo creator saying twice that the title is at the 90% mark. So, what remains unknown is how far the game has to completion since Yamauchi’s comments. It must be finished by now, right?

Well no, not really. Yamauchi has stated that Gran Turismo 5 is not yet finished. Yamauchi revealed the news via his twitter account as the legendary developer tweeted:

“GT5 is supposed to be be completed soon.”

We know Yamuachi won’t be happy fully once Gran Turismo 5 is released as he’s reiterated countless times that there are always aspects in a game to improve no matter how long you work on it. Let’s just hope the November 2nd release date still stands.