Mars Colonization on Hold

August 9, 2010Written by Josh Fernandes

The French based game developer, Spiders Games, has been diligently working on Mars, their upcoming RPG. Mars is, big surprise, set 200 years in the future on the planet Mars. Strange cosmic rays have hit Mars and transformed the inhabitants into horrible mutants. Unfortunately, it looks like some of those cosmic rays have hit Spiders Games, as well.

Spiders Games has decided to put the development of Mars on hold. According to Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Spiders Games, they have ceased development on Mars due to financial reasons. Rousseau remarked that he didn’t feel it was the right moment to work on “this type of game.” They are also stopping development to focus on finishing Faery: Legends of Avalon, which is set to release later this year on PSN, Xbox Live, and PC. Jehanne Rousseau hopes that the team can pick up development on Mars in the “coming months.”

It will be interesting to see if Faery can net the company enough money to complete their work on Mars. The game was set to be released later this year, so the game should be near completion. Mars features an emphasis on melee combat, large environments to explore, and multiplayer support, so it is something gamers would like to see completed. The game even lets you kill your enemies with sunlight. Who doesn’t like killing things with sunlight?