Irrational Games Close To Revealing Something New

August 10, 2010Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Irrational Games, the masterminds behind 2007’s hit Bioshock, have been teasing about an unannounced project for a bit now. But it looks like they are almost ready to reveal something in a very short time.

A teaser site at was set up last month by 2K Games, which is the parent company of Irrational Games. The teaser site showed nothing but some mist and a ball of light before, but now the view of that silhouette has shrunk and instead only a small portion can be seen, though it is animated. More importantly there is now faint text below the moving mass – “August the 12th, At 1:45 PM, Eastern Daylight Time.” This coincides with a day after an event in New York City has been scheduled by the studio. So perhaps tomorrow the event will take place, introducing the game, and the next day the website will reveal more information about the game? Once again, with regard to Irrational Games, it’s anybody’s guess.