Don’t Give up yet on Heavenly Sword 2

August 11, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

The much desired Heavenly Sword 2 just does not want to die and might eventually make it into the hands of consumers one day. In a recent interview, Ninja Theory boss Tameem Antoniades keeps the dream alive for many of us wanting to continue the story of the game’s protagonist Nariko.

In this latest interview with, Tameem reaffirms focus on Enslaved, but won’t go as far to rule out a Heavenly Sword sequel:

“But we’ve kind of moved on now. Our focus is on Enslaved, and making that successful. If we build a franchise out of it there’s a lot of potential in the action-adventure space that surprisingly isn’t that common.”

Tameem also went on to say that the studio did pursue a sequel to HS before working on enslaved:

“We did actually want to do a sequel, and we did pursue that – but we’re not a first party studio, we’re a third party studio, and we knew that over the next few years we’ve got to be releasing multi-platform games.”

“The game Heavenly Sword didn’t sell enough to have a confident sequel, so it would have put ourselves as a development studio in a very precarious situation.”

We at PlayStation LifeStyle would love to see another Heavenly Sword title, what about everyone else?