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Invizimals Sequel Could be on the Way

August 11, 2010Written by Adam G

It looks like everyone and their dogs are getting on board with this spree of leaked game announcements; not to be outdone by ‘bitter rivals’ Amazon, UK retailer have put up a tentative listing for Invizimals 2, apparently set to launch later this year. The first was released just under a year ago so it seems a little early to be putting out a second, especially considering that not even the PSP camera has seen a release Stateside yet.

If you’re not familiar with Invizimals, let me bring you up to speed. First revealed at E3 2009, this Pokemon-style augment-’em-up had you hunting around your living room with your PSP camera, looking for these invisible creatures known only as ‘Invizimals’. Once you had found one, you would trap it and use it to duel the other monsters that you had collected.

The first game was pretty full on content: it had a multitude of creatures, online play and even Brian Blessed!  Who knows what else a second one could bring to the table. With GamesCom right around the corner, the announcement of this sequel seems more than  likely: looks like we will know for sure in just under a week.