Sega Kills Hope for Valkyria Chronicles 2 on PS3; No Trophy Patch for Original

It was a disappointing day for many PS3 owners when Valkyria Chronicles 2, the follow up to the critically-acclaimed strategy RPG from Sega,  was announced for the PSP and not the PS3. Since then, fans of the first game have been asking about as nicely as possible (see: demanding) for the game brought over to Sony’s home console.

In the comments section on the PlayStation Blog, Sega of America’s Assistant Community Manager, Aaron Webber, gave us his answer on the subject…

“Valkyria Chronicles I is a PS3 exclusive, and Valkyria Chronicles II is a PSP exclusive. Taking a game from the PSP and updating for the PS3 is a pretty huge process, and I don’t think there are any plans to do that currently. An interesting question though!”

Aaron didn’t stop there though as he also went on to talk a bit about a trophy patch for the original Valkyria Chronicles, something that PS3 owners everywhere have been clamoring for.

“While there’s no news about a trophy patch for the original game, I do know there are tons of people out there who would love to see one, and I’ve passed that on as far as I can within SEGA.”

It seems as though PS3 owners are left to stick with the trophy-less original Valkyria Chronicles… Wait… that’s not so bad! If you haven’t tried the game yet, don’t let the lack of trophies deter you from enjoying this gem. Especially if you plan on picking up the PSP sequel.