Tetsuya Mizuguchi Wants to “Make You Cry” with Child of Eden

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, founder of Q Entertainment and creative mastermind behind Rez and Lumines, has spoken recently about what he hopes to achieve with his upcoming project, Child of Eden. Not content with simply a Rez cross Windows Media Player visualizer affair, Mizuguchi-san wants the end product to tug at the emotional heartstrings of the player.

Speaking in an interview with EGM magazine Mizuguchi talks about the emotions he wants to tap into using Child of Eden:

“The final goal of this game, the big emotional movement… I want to make you cry. I don’t know if it’s possible or impossible yet, but I want to make this kind of a chemical reaction, an emotional reaction.”

Sounds like that’s going to be a tall order given that the story and character aspects of Child of Eden are cast aside somewhat in favor of the gameplay. But don’t count it out just yet, after all, Flower proved that you don’t necessarily need an expansive narrative to make an impassioned statement.

Also, someone should let Mizuguchi-san know that there is a difference between making someone cry and making their eyes bleed with seizure inducing graphics. Not that we mind of course; tears of emotion or tears of blood, it’ll still make for an exhilarating raucous of a game. Child of Eden is due for release in 2011.