Bethesda Reveals New Vegas Dialogue Length

There is very little to argue against the idea that the guys over at Bethesda are just plain geniuses. Nearly perfecting the Western RPG genre, they have shown time and time again they are the masters at creating expansive, mind-blowing worlds, with likable characters and treacherous villains. Their newest game, Fallout: New Vegas, is set to win big at retailers later this year. With New Vegas, Bethesda is making sure the dialogue in the game is on-par with or even topping some Hollywood major motion flicks.

Jason Bergman, the senior producer on Fallout: New Vegas, recently posted on the Bethesda company blog, and stated that Fallout: New Vegas will have a jaw-dropping 65,000 lines of dialogue. Compare this to Fallout 3’s reported 40,000 lines.

“We do have a very large cast simply because we had 65,000 lines of voiceover dialogue, which is significantly more than Fallout 3.”

However, Bergman repeatedly emphasized that some of these lines are just different variations focused on a theme.

“We have a lot of alternate versions of the same lines because the player can align themselves with any one of three main factions, and their decisions completely change the storyline.”

Hopefully the multitude of lines will only enhance the experience for gamers. Fallout: New Vegas hits retailers October 19th for North America and October 22nd for Europe.