ESRB Reveals More Buzz! for Quiz Enthusiasts

After their try at a new type of game with Blue Toad Murder Files, Relentless Software looks to be heading back to their bread and butter… quiz games. A recent ESRB listing has revealed Buzz! Quiz Player for the PS3 and it couldn’t come at a better time, as the Buzz! Quiz World questions are starting to get a bit repetitive.

The summary in the listing does not give us much information on the game and reads like it came straight from the listing for past buzz games. But just to humor you, here is the listing straight from the ESRB website.

This is a trivia game in which players compete to answer questions on a variety of topics, including sports, TV shows, movies, and music. Players can choose a character (e.g., cheerleader, super hero) and a sound effect that will be heard when attempting to answer questions. One sound choice sounds like a belch, and another is called “tequila.”

Does the prospect of a new Buzz! game have you… well… buzzing? Let us know in the comments below…