Humorous PS Move Warnings

August 16, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

You know something is bound to be a hit when the mass media is satirizing the product before it is even released. With a little over a month remaining before the PlayStation Move peripheral launches to the masses, both Sony and third-party outlets are going ahead and informing gamers of, not only what to buy or how to buy, but also how to use it. Of course, tech-savvy gamers have no need for an instruction manual but regardless of how well read the consumer is, there is something to learn for everybody in this special how-to.

In this satirical advisory banner by Kotaku, the editors are illustrating in a humorous manner of incorrect and correct techniques and methods to use the PS3 motion control device. Going as far as even adding fine print advising gamers to “please use the wooden stake or silver dagger accessory sleeves for the PlayStation Move controller when confronted by a dracula during game play”.

While the instructional banner is not exactly instruction, or even informative for that matter, it is sure to provide a good laugh for anyone regardless of whether or not they are planning to invest in the controller.